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Many DoorsCONTENT: Poetry has always been a passion, since I could read and write. Some that I write will be posted it here. Nearly all that I write is spiritual in nature. Now and then, I will post the works of other writers. [I am editing my book, so this won’t be updated until I’m done.]

THEME: Charity, or love: I decided years ago that we all need more love, so the blog’s main theme is love: love of humans, and love of and for God.

CONTACT & OWNERSHIP: My email is .  I have a Twitter account for this blog: @ReallyCharity .

The blog was started in 2009. Unless otherwise noted all content is mine: © 2023 by A. Charity Higgins Johnson. Read at your own risk 😉

Here's lookin' at you, kid!


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1 thought on “SUNDOWNIEST – Subscribe and Blog Information”

  1. mostafaghanbari1 said:

    You are a woman of wisdom, love, peace and beauty.
    I love and respect you.


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