2019 ~ Editing!

2018 was a bumpy and difficult year with a satisfying outcome. Little if any writing was done. I am editing the book I began this year. I _plan_ on a late summer completion of that, then back to poetry in 2019! Writing is hard, editing is tedious. But my first love remains poetry. I hope YOU will NOT wander too far. To keep this going, I will circulate posts.   

And, I’ll be back, believe me!  As ever, I sincerely hope you find something to enjoy on this blog, something to consider, something that will make a difference in your day, your year, your life.

“Poets have often communicated in their own mode of expression, truths identical with the theologians’; but… because of the difference in the modes of expression, we often fail to see the identity of the statements.”  Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker

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