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I have been involved in an ongoing discussion on the necessity (or not) of “Women’s Ministry” in a church context. As I see it, God hasn’t got a lot of interest in it, specifically. He is interested in 1) the person and 2) the church (universal). I wrote a long piece two years ago that I will post, because it has a strong connection to this topic. I am posting here a portion of the piece–more to come once the piece is revised for the topic.
God the Father sent me the means, the opportunity and the motive for my own transformation (see Romans 12:1,2). In these two verses are directions for worship, and for sanctity: I am “in church” every day of my life because I am continually dealing with God’s created humans.
This is not limited to the Church, nor is it restricted to the “unsaved.” In Ephesians and in John, God speaks of the entire human race as those whom He loves. By necessity, then, through the Holy Spirit, He wraps up my transformation in the care and redemptive enterprise He is working out in the lives of others whom He loves. I move beyond my self-centered oneness to other-centered unity in Christ, in the here and now.