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The two common reasons people leave church is because
1) they have been angered and
2) they think the church is made of “hypocrites.”
According to St. Paul in Ephesians 1-3, the very man pointing fingers at others has to include himself in the group that he’s turning from. It might be better practice for the man to consider the state of his own soul, his own attitudes, to reflect on his personal desires to be in charge, to direct. If he does this in a balanced, considerate way, he may come to a different conclusion. He will likely become convinced he is at least partly at fault. He may, in this case, grow in Christ rather than simply grow in his external functions, as a result, he may become the greater person for the King’s sake.

“The proud man has no god; the envious man has no neighbor; the angry man has not himself. It is not sin that kills the soul, but impenitence.”
(Bishop Robert Hall 1700’s)