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The best and happiest life is lived by duty-bound people. To learn most students require either a “carrot” or a “stick” to motivate them. In life, greed or a need to be safe is mere negative motivation for carrying out duty. Love provides the only positive motivation for duty.

The better person will be formed whose life is molded by fulfilling his duty faithfully out of love. This is why people see a contented, long-time married couple and say “I want what they have.” They are know they are seeing the Unique. There had once been a time when two selfish and self-involved people made a commitment marriage. They didn’t realize it at the time but they were actually making a commitment to change. Two do not become one unless this happens. With time both were transformed.

The transformation was not overnight but every day. It was ongoing. And every day that they got up and fulfilled their own duty, they were re-creating themselves. When this was happening, while they were carrying out their obligations and caring for the other, they were unknowingly building their destiny. They did this every day because they loved someone else better than they loved themselves.

And they believed that carrying out of duty, doing the hard work day after day was the best way to give voice to that love. It is. Because love is not a feeling. Love is giving.

– Charity Johnson