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The soul that hath a Guest
doth seldom go abroad-
Diviner crowd at home
obliterate the need
and courtesy forbid
a host’s departure when
upon himself be visiting
The Emperor of Men.

∞ Emily Dickinson

Every day I spent a lot of time on prayer and meditation. Why?  Some reasons and some benefits:

◊ in a 24-hour period, demands and decision-making is out of my hands and

◊ I can give and receive decisions and demands to the living Christ.

◊ my earthbound worries, anxieties and problems are replaced where they ought to be buried in the tapestry of God working His will in my life, in the world, in of human existence.

As a result:

◊ the world looks needy, and not hostile

◊ I no longer feel like a lost and frightened child, rather beloved.

◊ I am not purposeless, nor merely repeating yesterday,

◊ rather, my acts (and words) daily move me towards the greater purposes He has in mind.

◊ What was large becomes small, and

◊ was small or lost becomes CORE.

◊ Christ living through and in my life helps me to live more truthfully, justly and lovingly.

◊ If it all ends today, all will be well, for I will be with Him forever.