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New YearNew Year’s Wishes

Fortunately for me
there’s a New Year’s calendar
slipped under my door
at the Lucky Jade Hotel Asia.
Fortunately for me
in red
it says:
and fortunately for me
some days are noted
as “lucky.”
Fortunately, I say,
as last year’s days
rushed at me,
wild beasts
trampling my
best foot forward.
As the days erupted,
my perfect plans got scattered
all round
staining the landscape
of the year.
The days would bleed
into nights
……. and on to other days
till I was pressed flat,
….a gnat flush against the
wall of the solar system,
and the Universe had me sold that
it would be just as happy to
….snuff me out.
Now we’re creeping on to another new dawn—
and a new year.

But no, below there’s a mob
in the streets:
the taillights,
a silent statement,
the sentiment, the voice of the people
voting against bad luck
by simply going
No one ever mourned a bank account.
In prosperity or meagerness
in work or in rest,
do I cherish too little what I really need?
My lean soul
feeds on the beauty of love.
I flip the calendar
into its
unlucky bin.

-A Charity Johnson