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All About the Angel & FilipMother Holding Infant

All About the Angel & Filip

We’re reading the Acts of the Apostles
and the dude called Filip:
    he chatted with an angel
    who told him to
    go down a certain road
    and then talk to some guy
    on the road which he did.
    And this guy ended up bringing
    Christ’s hope to Africa

we felt the story was all wrapped up till David asked,
“Why didn’t God just
send the angel to the guy in Africa?
Why not skip Filip?”

We didn’t know—
we think angels are somehow special:
    rather like Heroes or
    they bring hope, or
    lend strength.

At least to me they’re
the ones with weaponry
     or miracles.
Or they leave behind
a kind of explosive greatness
in their wake
       here, on our plodding little planet.
They’re change-agents,
the Lightning of God,
     touching the ground.

I think of the Greek:
aggelos = ἄγγελος
or a messenger of God—
and I think of the angels in my life:
     Mothers are angels.

So does the story go on—
Could it be
    we are angels?