The Whole Enchilada

Hi Mom
Today the professor
was droning on and on about us ‘hominids’
& I was staring out the window for
a friend, when I saw
for the 1st time, really,
people—all just like me, like you.
All of them trudging across
….the campus with
bowed heads all full of things,
….fuller than the bags on their backs;
Which made me think of you
….driving home
….alone in the dark,
thinking of me (when I’m thinking of you).
Right then I wanted
you to come home to fresh flowers
like you always joked about
….as we ate frozen pizza
.. .on dark & empty winter nights—
I felt a pang—right here, in my heart’s memory
the time you and I went
to the hospital nursery
……for a look-see.
I wondered if my professor—
surgically bent over that desk—
would separate
……a baby into her component
……separate, infant parts
and NO!!!
……was all I could think.
We take the package – right
……up into our arms
……in an embrace.
Right? We are either
little reflections of heaven’s
sights and sounds
and shows, or
we are not

-A Charity Higgins Johnson – 2017Mother Holding Infant